Logroño counted in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries with many brotherhoods, based in the churches that at that time were in the city, as Santa Maria de la Redonda, Santiago, in San Pedro de los Lirios and in the Convents of San Francisco and Valbuena.


After the civil war ended in 1939, a deep desire to come to possess a series of organizations that gave the rigor and the necessary seriousness to the processional processions of the city began to be felt in Logroño. In 1940, the Brotherhood of the Passion and the Holy Entombment was canonically constituted, that with their discreetly striking habits they called to the piety and the devotion of the Holy Burial as it passed through the streets of Logan.


Newly founded, he focused on completely revitalizing the great Procession of the Holy Burial, and in turn organizing a new procession, that of the Encounter, which began to take place on Holy Thursday.


In 2000 the Brotherhood of the Passion and the Holy Burial becomes the Brotherhood of Brotherhoods of the Passion of the City of Logroño. Holy Week in Logroño is alive, evolving and improving year after year, taking back the illusion that the founders of that Brotherhood back in 1940 had in making our Week Greater a worthy and great show to represent the Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Diseño, ilustraciones y fotografías: Jaime Ocón Paillao - Archivo de la Hermandad de Cofradías

Textos: Fermín Labarga, Hermandad de Cofradías


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